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    In Vietnam, OTD black tea accounts for nearly 70 % of black tea production.A total of 4 different grades of OTD black tea samples (F, OP, P, BPS).Orthodox tea refers to loose leaf tea produced using traditional (orthodox) methods, which involves plucking, withering, rolling, oxidation/fermentation and drying.

    We are one of major tea producers in central highland of vietnam with over 150 hectares of tea plantation. we reach the quantity of  black tea otd at 500 mt, black tea ctc at 500 mt and green tea at 500 mt  per year.


    –         Origin: PhuTho province, Vietnam.

    –         Type:  OP, FBOP, P,PS, BPS, F(fanning),D(Dust).

    –         Rate of dust: maximum of 2% under sieve 100

    –         Moisture:round 5.57 Pct.

    –         Ash: 4.92 Pct.

    –         Tea dust: 0.41 Pct (Screen: 0.40mm).

    –         Tea dust: 0.08 Pct (Screen: 0.16mm).

    –         Taste: Super fresh, sweet, mellow, and high floral aroma

    –         Tanin ≥ 8%

    The Black Tea picked and produced directly at factory. black tea,  100% natural safety clean fresh material from high moutains,The tea field is located in Nghe An,Tuyen Quang, Phu Tho,Ha Giang,Thai Nguyen,Son La,Lam Dong province ect at the high mountain with the altitude of 500m and more which is originally famous for the tradition of growing and processing tea.

    Black tea is produced in five steps :

    1) Withering

    Our tour begins in the withering room. It is here that the moisture is extracted from the tea leaves over the next few hours.When the tea has lost upto 60% of its moisture, the leaves are ready for the next step

    2) Rolling     

    Orthodox Method

    With the help of press spindles or rollers where the still green leaves are cut open and the released cell fluid reacts with the oxygen in the air (= oxidation similar to that of a bitten into apple). This process takes 30 minutes each and is repeated 3 times. The damp and lumpy, now dark green leaves are scattered with the help of a shaking or sieving machine.

    3) Fermentation

    The oxidation process continues in the fermentation room. Here, great experience is also required to know when oxidation has reached its peak. The leaves turn a golden rust colour and the tea acquires its characteristic aroma. With great sensitivity and while constantly checking the temperature, the fermentation master recognises when it is time to start the drying process.

    4) Drying

    Standing at the multi-level dryer, we can see the tea travelling over a complex system of conveyor belts. During this process, the moisture evaporates and the oxidised cell sap with all its valuable ingredients such as caffeine, tannin and essential oils dries on the leaf. The black tea is now ready.

    5) Sieving/Sorting

    The various grades of leaves are now sorted by vibrating sifts. This is when the black teas you know so well are created : leaf teas, fannings, dust is produced.



    Kind of teaPhysical appearanceWater colorAromaFlavor
    OPCurling, relative regular, natural black, little snow on surfacebright brown red, yellow bolderStrongly aromaticStrongly soft, sweet
    FBOPSmall, relatively regular broken of OP and P, black with snow on surfaceStrongly red Brown, yellow bolderStrongly aromaticStrong flavor, sweet
    Pcurly relatively,relatively regular black,shorter than OPStrongly red Brown, yellow boldersoftly aromaticStrong flavor, soft
    PSRelatively regular tea leaf, little dry, brown blade of teaBrown reaSlight aromaticStrong flavor
    BPSRelative regular tea leaf, flatter than PS, slight brown redColorless brown redSlightly aromaticSlight flavor
    FRegular small, little brown blackRed, strong brwonSlightly aromaticSlight flavor
    Dsmall,fine,cleanLittle black brown redSlightly aromaticSlight acidity

    OTD black tea is usually graded on one of
    seven scales from high-quality tea (OP – FBOP – P) to low-quality tea (P – BPS – F and/or D).  Black tea water has a bright reddish-brown color, mild flavor and light fragrance

    Pure black tea without any fertilizers, pesticides and additives.Smooth, brown red infusion with a sweet, mellow finish, pure aroma.

    Taste: Super fresh, sweet, mellow, and high floral aroma,lasting aroma, fragrant taste and bright liquid

    colour: red, deep-brown, yellow edge

    Packaging Details :30-60 kgs/bag PP

    pe, kraft, craft,  kp,kpp… or as requests of customer

    Delivery Time :15-30 days