Orgarnic Cassia/Cinnamon

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    Due to value experience of the directors board, professional human resources , dynamic direct purchasing network, modern processing lines, capacity warehouse, discipline risk management and strict quality control.

    We Hansimex has made organic Cassia high quality.Cassia originated from YenBai,LaoCai province, Hansimex has chosen the Cassia having enough high quality standards for export in order to use for organic. To create the difference taste Cassia, we use 100% pure Cassia,no mix with no other ingredients or additives.We make sure that the raw material is properly Inspected by our Quality Assurance Team before Grading and Processing.

    This globally popular variety of our all natural cinnamon is known for its powerful aromatic qualities, spicy hotness, and pungent flavors. Physically this powder is characterized by its dark reddish color differing from the ceylon variety of cinnamon, which is tan in color. These sticks have been sourced direct and minimally processed in our gluten-free facility to ensure that it achieves its maximum potential for both fragrance and flavor.

    Organic Cassia cinnamon has been found to help lower blood sugar and cholesterol. It has also become a popular ingredient in home remedies for a range of topical ailments, from curing acne to fighting infection this likely due to cinnamon’s powerful antimicrobial properties.


    It has a more intense aroma and has higher essential oil content. Cinnamon is also available ground, and can be distinguished from cassia by its lighter colour and much finer powder.

    its spicy aroma and hot pungent taste.

    Packing : Cartons,Bags as standard packing or depending on customer’s requirement